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Unlock the power of real-world assets through the groundbreaking fusion of real estate and blockchain technology. At NFT Estate, we redefine investment opportunities, allowing you to invest in premium properties and earn dividends like never before.

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How It Works

Invest in Tangible Assets, Earn Digital Dividends

Through our platform, investors gain access to exclusive real estate offerings. By purchasing ERC 1155 tokens, each representing a share in a carefully selected property, you become a fractional owner. This means you benefit directly from rental income generated by the property.

Track and Earn Dividends Effortlessly

The ERC 1155 token acts as your gateway to a transparent and efficient dividend tracking system. As the property generates revenue, dividends are automatically distributed to token holders. This streamlined process ensures you receive your fair share of profits regularly.

Security and Transparency


Security and Transparency

Our platform utilizes blockchain technology for secure ownership rights and dividends recorded on the Ethereum network. Transactions are transparent, immutable, and verifiable, ensuring peace of mind for your investments.

Accessible Investment Opportunities


Accessible Investment Opportunities

We democratize real estate investments by allowing multiple investors to own a single property. This fractional ownership model opens the door to diverse investment portfolios regardless of the capital you have available.

Steady Income Stream


Emphasize Financial Security

Earn passive income through property rentals without the hassle of property management. Your investment provides a steady stream of dividends based on the property's performance, offering a tangible return on your investment.

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With NFT Estate anyone can invest!

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We empower investors with accessible investment opportunities through fractional shares.

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